Emily Hendricks

Em’s Video EDITS

Video and podcast editor.

Specialize in the post-production editing of short-form videos to make the biggest impact on the intended audience.

Primary Tools: Adobe Premiere/After Effects/Character Animator + Logic Pro X + Sony a7iii + iPhone + everyday magic

The Airplane Spoon: Home Tour

A video I produced, recorded and edited as Branding Consultant for The Airplane Spoon, a pediatric development center located in the SF Bay Area.

ESG Talk Podcast (Excerpt)

An excerpt from Episode #21 of the ESG Talk podcast, produced by Workiva and published by Sterling Communications, for which I provide post-production editing services.

View podcast episodes on YouTube. Also available as an audio podcast on all major podcast platforms.

Teacher Spotlight

A series of videos I edited and co-produced while working as Media Associate at Sacred Heart Schools Atherton, located in Atherton, CA.

These videos showcase various educators and the specific (and awesome) things they are doing in their classrooms to enhance student engagement and learning.

Alternate label: Video Resume

Instructional Video – A/V System

A short instructional video I created to help school employees independently use the built-in Audiovisual system in one of the commonly-used school venues.

Apple Distinguished Educator

A video I created and edited as part of an application submission for the ADE program in 2019. I was accepted and am proud to be a part of such an outstanding and innovative network of educators across the globe!

More information about the ADE program. Original music created by Emily Hendricks.

College Lecture, Reimagined

A friend of mine, who is a professor of Epidemiology at San Jose State University in San Jose, CA, reached out to me, wondering if I might be able to enhance her college lecture videos and make them more engaging.

Here is one of the video lectures I “re-created” using Adobe Character Animator to create her character. It has received very positive reviews from students and colleagues.